• Joy Olsen

Learn Marketing Strategy While Binge Watching The Office

It’s no secret that The Office has built itself a raving fan base. Ask any adult with a Netflix subscription and I’ll bet 8/10 people will say it’s one of their top fav shows to watch.

Myself included...

The other night, while on my eighth consecutive episode (no judgment please, we all do it) I got to tf did they do it? How’d they get people literally addicted to a tv show.

The answer came quickly, because it’s something I try to practice while copywriting.

They gained the viewer’s trust.

One of the best parts about The Office is how raw and unfiltered every episode is. There’s no obnoxious laugh-track telling you when to laugh (unlike friends, a far less superior show imo) and the documentary style of filming feels like you’re getting behind the scenes footage of the characters' real lives.

People love this, they eat it up (myself included lol). There’s a reason it's the most streamed show on Netflix of all time.

If you’re in marketing or own a biz, take notes.

Consumers want unfiltered realness. Enough with the disingenuous niceties, completely obvious flash sales and “exclusive” discounts that look just like every other ad and every other company.

If you want your brand to have a raving fan base like The Office does, one that people come back to consume over and over again, then you gotta build up trust, realness and authenticity with your prospects.

Best way to do that?

Relationship and trust building copy.

Best vehicle for this copy?

Email, obviously.

Not just because it has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy (article on this coming soon). But because it’s how you’re able to reach your ultimate base, aka people who are most likely to become raving fans.

People are on your email list because they’ve bought from you already or are thinking about doin’ it. They’re the lowest hanging fruit. It’s a no brainer, invest in turning your list into a raving fan base. They’re already halfway there.

If you’re scratching your head wondering about how to infuse your business's email marketing with relationship and trust building copy, join Email Gains newsletter or book a call with us here. We’ll help you build a raving fan base of The Office level proportions.

Also...consider this article your excuse to watch a few (many) hours of The Office tonight.

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